The First T-Shirt Giveaway at You Design It with Coty Gonzales

What's up t-shirt lovers! Can you tell me what is better than cool printed tees? Yes, that's cool printed tees! We just got some slick new equipment and we are fired up about it. Our new equipment allows us to print oversized t-shirt designs up to 20" wide by 20" tall. T-shirts with oversized printed designs are some of the most popular shirts out today and the trend just keeps getting bigger.

To express our excitement, we want to give away 12 free t-shirts of a design that shows off our skills! And who better to help us out with this giveaway than the t-shirt expert himself - Coty Gonzales. He's a super hard-working Hawaiian that eats, sleeps, and breathes t-shirts! Coty's website is a haven for t-shirt enthusiasts. He posts tons of videos with great content to keep you up to date with the latest t-shirt trends, lines. He even has his own online show, Co-Tee TV, where he reviews t-shirts submitted by his readers. So go ahead, send him one....we are!

To get you the hottest looking t-shirt design around, we went to Emptees searching for the perfect design. We checked out the "designs for sale" section and narrowed it down to 4 designs we know you'll love. Our picks were based on the theme, color use, art quality and size of the print.

First up is the "I Am the Word" by DeeDeeKid. We like this one because it pays homage to The King. Enough Said. Second, "The Bird is the Word" reminds us of Family Guy and for those of you that have seen that episode, you're cracking up right now just thinking about it. We also liked the colors and shading in this design. The attention to detail made the picture really stand out. The surfboard in the back is also a nice addition. Overall, this picture is pretty cool in my book.

I Am the Word T-Shirt Design

"Osin's Meal" design by fopi is just simply an eye catcher. It pops right out of the t-shirt. The vibrant colors capture you in this design. Also, the outlining of the robe and the eyeshadow allows the t-shirt color to come through, and thats pretty cool. The fun part about this design are the noodles coming down from the chopsticks in her hair and the sushi rolls on the other side. Maybe it's my love for spicy tuna rolls that have me digging this shirt because I think it's pretty awesome.

Osins Meal by Fopi

Next up is "Respect the Geeks" by Saint Graphic.This one is just great. Who doesn't love the geeks? We are big fans of playing video games and wearing pocket protectors. Ink on my shirt, I don't think so! The little details like his facial expression, the sweat drops, and the tape around his glasses make this design truly geeky. This t-shirt design reminds me of a quote by Bill Gates that goes "Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one."

Respect The Geeks

And finally we have "We Like to Party" by Graham Paterson. And yes, we do like to party! The subject matter of this design simply speaks our language. I like mustaches. I like top hats. I like long wobbly legs. And I really like to party in my underwear. Color wise this shirt is just plain 'ol black and white, but it appears fun and vibrant and full of color because it's put together so well. I love this design!

Respect The Geeks

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