The Colorways for the T-Shirt Giveaway

Everything about the design was dynamite except for the color combination of black print on a white t-shirt. We want this design to be seen and heard, not subdued. I can definitely appreciate the original colorway but for our use...we need the shirt to party! The first thing we chose was the turquoise colored t-shirt from American Apparel. That's right...we don't give away the cheap stuff. Nothing less than the best - American Apparel! This is the perfect style and color of shirt to set this design off.

Choosing the color of the t-shirt was easy but choosing the print color is the hard part. One of the first ideas that came to mind with the turquoise tee is the Miami Dolphin's colors. While they make that color combo look good, you can see there isn't much contrast in our design below and we feel like some of the detail would be lost.

Coral Print on Turquoise Shirt

The next choice was to darken the orange and give the design the contrast we were looking for. The color combination is sharp and the look screams party. This may just be the one.

Dark Orange Print on Turquoise Shirt

There was a little more chatter in our offices about trying out purple so we thought we would give it a shot. This image is the first iteration of the purple and turquoise and when I broke this bad boy out to share around the office....I didn't get too many smiles. The consensus was that the purple needed to be darker.

Purple Print on Turquoise Shirt

And this leads us to the final combination and the one that divided our offices. The two most popular colors were the dark orange and the dark purple prints. What are we going to choose? It was time to take a vote.

Dark Purple Print on Turquoise Shirt

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