And the Winner Is....."We Like To Party" by Graham Paterson

What can we say, we like to party!

We Like to Party T-Shirt Design

This was just a design that spoke to us and made the most sense for our first giveaway. The more we looked into Graham Paterson's work, we started to appreciate the design even more. It has a subtle strength to it by not trying to be too much or do too much. Graham has endless talent and it shows throughout his portfolio of designs he features on Emptees.

In fact, we feel it is only fair that we feature Graham in a mini t-shirt designer spotlight. We have collected a few images of his other designs that should be shared with the t-shirt community. If you are looking for a creative design that features your brand in a fresh way, Graham is your guy.

The work speaks for itself but since I like the sound of my own typed words...I will provide a little commentary. The first one up is Graham's unusual take on golf. I have never seen a skeleton play golf but imagine it would look just like this. It gets confusing out there on the course for a skeleton to know if he is playing with a golf ball or an eyeball.

Graham Patersons Golf T-Shirt Design

The next design is the familiar skeleton trying his hand at surfing. Apparently the sharks interrupted his "hang 10" session and he isn't too pleased about it. It looks like that skeleton is going to get a piece of those sharks. And I don't blame him, what does he have to lose...he's already dead.

Graham Patersons Shark T-Shirt Design

The final design of Graham's that we felt compelled to post about is his Pirate Buddha design. I really like the colors and the use of orange for the shading contrast on both the red and the green parts of the design.

Graham Patersons Pirate Buddha T-Shirt Design

To see more of Graham Paterson's work, go here.

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