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Our journalism t-shirt designs are definitely worth writing about. You don't have to worry about plagiarism here, because we don't mind you using our designs in any way you see fit. Take a look at all of our journalism tee shirt designs or even browse around in our different categories because all of our designs are customizable and interchangeable. You Design It is definitely the place for custom journalism t-shirts!

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One of the foundations on which the country is founded is the principle of freedom of the press. Journalists provide a vital role in our society and it is up to them to give the information in an objective, unbiased manner. With such a key role to play it certainly makes sense that a lot of schools would have journalism clubs or run their own school newspaper. One great way to raise funds for this endeavor is to sell journalism t-shirts.

In addition to being a great fundraising tool, journalism t-shirts are also a great way for members to show their pride in journalism and help spread the word about it. To get you going on this important order we have created some journalism template designs. If you see one you like just let us know and we will be happy to customize it for you.