Jerzees Brand Clothing

When it comes to comfort and style, Jerzees is a highly recognized brand in the sports and leisure wear market, with a long history of producing comfortable, durable clothing in the sportswear line. And as one of the biggest clothing manufacturers operating in the US, it’s very likely that their clothing will have an impact on you. You probably know at least one person who owns articles of Jerzees brand clothing – or maybe you already own some of their clothing yourself. Most people look for quality, comfort, and style when shopping for name brand clothing, and Jerzees is a well-known manufacturer of just this type of apparel.

Jerzees History

In 1902, 25-year-old Benjamin Russell started his business, Russell Manufacturing Company. The struggling Birmingham, AL lawyer wanted to open his own business, and started from the ground up with just six knitting machines. Along with a handful of employees, he began his clothing business in a tiny wooden building with no electricity, using steam power for their first machines. The young company began its first year producing approximately 150 items of clothing per day, and gradually expanded into a garment-making empire, of which Russell was president until his death in 1941. By the 1930s, the company had established an athletics division and was producing football jerseys for a New York sporting goods distributor. Prospering with the popularity of t-shirts and athletic wear for both sexes during the 60s and 70s, Russell became well known for its sporting and leisure wear. The Jerzees activewear brand was introduced in 1983 and has evolved into one of the most successful clothing brands for activewear, sportswear, and leisure clothing, that continues to grow as a trustworthy brand worldwide.

Well-Known and Popular Products

Today, Jerzees is recognized throughout North America for its line of sportswear, leisure clothing, activewear, t-shirts, and comfortable fleece garments. When it comes to comfortable, durable clothing in all different styles and colors, few brands are as recognized and as widely distributed as the Jerzees brand. Their t-shirts are well known for their diversity in materials, styles, and thicknesses, for a wide variety of choices to fit any activity in all types of weather. Fleece jackets, sweatpants, and hoodies made by Jerzees are among the most popular ever sold because of their attractiveness, comfort, and high-quality materials which put them at the top of the line in the industry for durability.

Who Loves Jerzees?

Over the past few decades, people of any age, of both sexes, and of all activity and skill levels have come to trust the Jerzees brand of leisure and sports clothing. In today’s financial climate, customers have come to expect the best when it comes to their money spent, and the Jerzees line is known for being constructed of tough but comfortable material that holds up in all weather conditions, rough activity levels, and repeated washings. And at the end of the day, nothing beats the comfort of lounging around in a soft, warm Jerzees fleece hoodie or t-shirt. In short, money well spent, and at a great price, has won the loyalty of millions of Jerzees customers for many generations.

Jerzees’ Responsibility and Operations

Jerzees recognizes the responsibility of operating a business that cares for the environment, the well-being of our planet, and the health and happiness of all its people. They know how important it is to conserve the Earth’s resources, and operate their many facilities worldwide in accordance with each government’s laws and regulations. They strive to go above and beyond what’s expected of a responsible business by manufacturing products with the environment in mind, and in “staying green” and preserving natural resources with all their packages, production processes, and equipment. Their employees are encouraged to participate in activities which educate them in the various ways of preserving and caring for our environment and the world’s inhabitants.

Happy To Serve You

As the Jerzees brand continues a long tradition of producing fine, comfortable leisure and sportswear, they’re excited to offer their unique brand of great products to their customers. Outlets and stores that stock and sell the Jerzees brand are now available all across the country, as well as various retailers online. As Jerzees passes the 100-year mark of their founder’s humble beginnings producing fine clothing, they’re confident that their customers will continue to be satisfied with their variety of t-shirts, sportswear, and fleece that rival no other in quality materials, comfort, and durability.