The Hanes Brand Manufacturers - Hanes’ Focus On Comfort And Quality


Hanes has become one of the most iconic clothing companies in the United States. By 2001, one billion Hanes t-shirts had been sold. Add this to the socks, underwear, hosiery and many other products manufactured by Hanes and their subsidiary companies, and it is easy to see that the influence and reach of Hanes products permeates nearly every household in the United States. Almost everyone owns some type of Hanes product.


Hanes was founded in the year 1901 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, By John Wesley Hanes. Originally, the company was founded to manufacture socks for men. The company went by the name of Shamrock Mills until 1914. At that point it was changed to Hanes Hosiery Mills Co., and the plant began manufacturing women’s socks.

With the development of nylon in 1938, Hanes was one of the first companies to realize its value in making hosiery. Many years of research and development resulted in seamless hosiery. Hanes was able to introduce pantyhose to the market in the 1960’s. The company enjoyed great success from its inception until this time.

Meanwhile, John Wesley Hanes’ brother, P.H. Hanes, had begun a company for knitting and manufacturing men’s underwear in 1901. His company had also enjoyed great success. Both companies had reached $50 million in sales annually by the early 1960’s. The two companies merged in 1965, forming Hanes Corporation. With an already prominent presence in department stores and retail establishments, the corporation created L’eggs products in 1969, to capitalize on the technical expertise gained by Hanes hosiery. The use of the unique egg-shaped packaging helped gain the attention of women, and the price and quality of the hosiery products successfully met the needs of active women. The products and marketing were so successful that a few years later, in 1972, the corporation launched a separate division, L’eggs Products, Inc., which paved the way for L’eggs to enjoy even greater growth. Sara Lee Corporation acquired the operating divisions of Hanes Corporation in 1979. Hanes Her Way was founded in 1986.

Most well known products

Hanes is a manufacturer of innerwear clothing, such as men’s undershirts and underwear, women’s underwear, panties, bras, and bodywear, and kids’ undershirts and underwear. Hanes also manufactures outerwear such as t-shirts, and shorts for activewear, and casual apparel such as sport shirts, and fleece items, as well as hosiery and socks.

Operations information

Today, Hanes is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the United States, only a few miles from the original manufacturing plant. Subsidiaries of the corporation include Hanes (its biggest subsidiary), Champion (second largest subsidiary), Playtex (third largest), Just My Size, Bali, Barely There, L’eggs, Wonderbra, C9 by Champion, Beefy-T, Duofold, Outer Banks, Rinbros, Sol y Oro, Zorba and Ritmo. Hanes Inc. employs about 45,000 employees worldwide.

Notable information

Hanesbrands Inc. strives to cultivate a reputation of social and environmental responsibility. The company works to provide a rewarding, and safe workplace and experience for their employees, and is a participant in the Fair Labor Association, which independently monitors corporate social responsibility and actions. Most Hanesbrands products are manufactured in plants that are owned by the company, which gives Hanesbrands Inc. more direct control over their employees’ working conditions. The company also strives to assure that their products are safe for consumers, and they work to support and benefit the local communities in which their presence has an impact

Hanesbands is committed to protecting the environment by reducing their energy consumption, lowering their carbon emissions, reducing waste, recycling, and conserving water in all of their operations. Hanesbrands realizes that reducing their environmental footprint not only benefits local communities and the world as a whole, but it is also a smart business move that creates value for the company. At least 30% of their monthly energy consumption comes from renewable sources. Hanesbrands was recognized as a United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star partner of the year in 2010

Since the year 2000, Hanes has been privileged to have celebrities in their advertising campaigns. Some of these include Michael Jordan, Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Perry, Damon Wayans, and Marisa Tomei, among others.


Because of Hanes’ focus on quality and comfort in their products, and their commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we are we are very pleased to be able to offer this brand to our customers.