Augusta Sportswear Making The Play In Any Sport

When you go out to play your favorite sport, whether it is baseball, basketball, soccer, or football, you know that wearing the right clothing affects your game. You also understand that you need clothing that can move as you move and that fits you in all the right places. This is why so many people turn to Augusta Sportswear Inc. for their athletic clothing and you may just want to check out the thousands of sports clothing and other items that this company offers. Augusta Sportswear is recognized for the quality of their products and is one of the leading manufacturers for sportswear in the United States today. They have a wide variety of sports clothing in just about any color that you are looking for and are designed to look and feel great.

Over 30 Years in the Business

Augusta Sportswear Inc. was started in 1977 as a sportswear manufacturer and today they provide clothing to athletic teams, uniform suppliers, sports leagues, sporting goods stores, and distributors. In addition to their sportswear, the company has expanded its line of products over the years to include socks, aprons for various industries, tote bags, cooler bags, garment bags, duffle bags, scarves, blankets, hats, and headbands. With over 40,000 customers, their popularity speaks for itself.

Clothing That Stands Up to the Sport

Clothing used for sports needs to be able to stand up to the rigorous conditions that it is thrust into. Whether its sweat, dirt, grass, or physical contact, Augusta Sportswear can stand up to whatever sport it is used for.

One of their most popular lines is their baseball/softball clothing with dozens of options in terms of style and design. You can choose baseball pants, shorts, long-sleeved jerseys, short-sleeved jerseys, pull overs, equipment bags, belts, and stirrup socks for your team that will serve them well and show off your team’s color and spirit. Whether your members are swinging the bat, catching that fly ball, or sliding into home plate, you can be sure that their clothing will take whatever is thrown at them.

Another great line to check out from Augusta Sportswear is their football line which offers a great selection of football jerseys, athletic shorts, and integrated jerseys and pants so that your players stay protected whether they play on an adult team or the local kid’s league.

Large Scale Operations Meet Customer Demand

In order to meet the demands of the sports world, Augusta Sportswear has five divisions and puts out a list of new products and colors every year to better service their customers. The company makes products for the following categories:

  • Baseball/softball
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse/field hockey
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Track and field
  • Football
  • Coaches
  • Spirit/cheer teams
  • Fans
  • Athletic wear
  • Warm up wear
  • Headwear
  • Accessories
  • Bags/totes
  • Aprons

These divisions are responsible for designing and crafting sportswear that lives up to the reputation Augusta has built in the athletic industry. They choose materials that will give the best performance, keep athletes cool/warm/dry, and that will last through countless games and washings. In addition, they look for other things that athletes and the public, in general, want.

For example, in the new 2013 catalog, customers can purchase motion sports shirts for men and women that are made out of 100% polyester wicked snag resistant knit. Catalogs for the company’s current products can be viewed online at their website and customers can create an online account within a few easy steps.

The Newest in Athletic and Sportswear Technology

Augusta Sportswear uses the latest technology when it comes to the material in their products. For example, their fabric in Lacrosse clothing is designed to be lightweight, keep moisture at bay, resist odors, and is stretchable. The company has begun to use a new technology in polyester that prevents snags from occurring, keeping clothing and uniforms looking great longer. Hats are designed to provide cooling for the head while protecting them and socks are made with cushioned feet and an acrylic blend to make sure that they stay in place.

Augusta Sportswear – A Great Choice

If you are looking for clothing for your sports team, performance members, or uniforms that are designed to last, then Augusta Sportswear is the company to go to. The company is able to outfit just about any sports team with everything they need and is happy to print on the brand for their customers.