Anvil Knitwear Appearing In Wardrobes Everywhere

T-shirts and caps with printed images and text are extremely popular with consumers. These items have the power to proclaim one’s beliefs, support a favorite college or professional sports team, broadcast a humorous message, or share a person’s favorite movie, book, or character with the world around them. Companies of all sizes are known to use printed shirts for promoting their business and people tend to love printed clothing that doubles as their travel souvenir. What you may not know is that many of these items are made by a company called Anvil.

Anvil Knitwear’s history

If you have printed t-shirts and caps in your closet, you probably own clothing made by Anvil. You might argue the point that none of the labels on those clothing items says Anvil, but nevertheless, Anvil likely made them. With a century old brand, Anvil has spent the last 30 years focusing on the active wear industry, producing a wide variety of clothing pieces for a large number of customers.

Today, the company focuses on clothing made from recycled cotton, organic cotton, and other ecologically friendly material. Their corporate headquarters are located in New York City with textile facilities in North Carolina and manufacturing operations in South America and offshore locations. Corporate responsibility is important to the company and their goal is to use manufacturing methods that are environmentally friendly, thereby, making a minimal impact on the world itself.

Products you can use every day

If you were to visit Anvil’s website, you would find that they offer a wide variety of printed clothing for men, women, and children as well as a whole line of accessories.

  • Fitted T-shirts
  • Long-sleeved tees
  • Polo shirts
  • Classic t-shirts
  • tank t-shirts
  • mock turtlenecks
  • v-neck tees
  • towels
  • caps
  • messenger bags
  • tote bags
  • attaché bags
  • duffel bags

The most popular product that Anvil sells is their short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in about 70 different colors and varying styles. If you coach your son’s little league team, are planning a large family reunion, looking for a gift for your business’ employees, or putting together a group that needs a simple uniform, then you may want to consider Anvil products.

Another great product to try out is the polo style shirt, which can present a more professional impression and is great for company employees to wear. These shirts can be printed with the company’s logo or even be stitched with an embroidered message.

Responsible manufacturing

If you are concerned with the pollution that companies produce, and are looking for products made by a responsible company, then you may like the fact that Anvil is committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They use a climate change company to help them assess how much carbon their manufacturing facilities are emitting as they make products, and then look for ways to lower that number.

According to the analysis, consumer use of the products produces more carbon for the earth’s atmosphere than the manufacturing process itself. The company encourages its customers to recycle old products in order to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Their suggestions include:

  • Hold a clothing swap party
  • Donate the t-shirts to local charities
  • Use the material from t-shirts for other products
  • Turn old t-shirts into cleaning rags

Concerned about communities

Anvil is involved in several community projects that promote caring for the earth and improving the environment. They work with groups involved in Earth Day, donate t-shirts to groups promoting a green economy, and are involved in promoting the use of organic growing methods to cotton farmers in Texas.

In addition to their wide spread environmental causes, the company believes that it is important to improve whole communities. The company regularly joins forces with educational organizations to encourage students to become involved in preserving the community around them.

You can even track the history of a t-shirt made by Anvil, from the origin of the material used for it until it reaches your closet, making you a part of the story. Anvil also encourages customers to share the history of their Anvil t-shirt through mobile applications.


If you are looking for responsible products that are great for screen printing, then you want to give Anvil a look. They offer a selection of shirts and other products that look and feel great while promoting your message or company brand. Anvil is pleased to offer organic products to their customers and to be able to improve communities locally and globally.