Does You Design It ship to PO Boxes?

You Design It does ship to PO boxes but only in select cases. If that is your only destination for delivery, we will oblige but only with the understanding that we have no control over the United States Postal Service. We avoid using the United States Postal Service because of their lack of tracking for the package during its transit and because the results we have experienced have not met the quality level that we require. Thus we do not use them by default.

We use UPS as our main shipping carrier because of their low rates, the option to track packages as they are in transit, and because they provide us with a dedicated team of customer service specialists to handle any issues that arise. Over time we have seen their quality control meet our needs and then some. There have been many cases where they have gone out of their way to help us deliver our goods on time and with care.

The only drawback to UPS is that they are unable to ship to PO Boxes. That is why if a customer only has a PO Box that they can ship to that we will then use the United States Postal Service. We certainly do not mean to disparage USPS. We realize that they are responsible for successfully routing and delivering millions of packages on a regular basis. However, we have found that most of our customers prefer the added option of being able to track their package for a more precise delivery date, and so that they can monitor it if any problems arise. Since USPS is unable to offer this service we tend to use them as a last resort.

The good news is that UPS delivers to most addresses throughout the United States. That means that even if you do not receive mail to your physical address and that the postal system instead requires you to use a PO Box, that UPS still stands a very good chance of being able to deliver directly to your door. We think this is a better service for most people anyway. After all why leave the house and drive to your PO Box when you can simply open your front door and grab your package?

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