Will You Design It ship to an APO?

You Design It does in fact shipped to APO's and actually does it quite often. The military is one of our largest customer bases and we thoroughly enjoy printing for the Armed Forces. We take great pride in providing the highest quality custom t-shirts and hats for our soldiers stationed overseas. We are delighted if these custom apparel items in some way brighten their day or at all boost morale.

When shipping to an APO, the actual delivery date is out of our control and determined instead by the United States Postal Service. Unfortunately they do not provide us with an estimated delivery date and we have seen very different results over the years when shipping to APO's as far as the typical transit time goes. There have been a few times where we have been blown away by the extremely fast delivery and yet there have been other times where we have been very disappointed by an extremely slow delivery. Because of inconsistent delivery times, we have no way of guessing a delivery date for any shipment to an APO with the United States Postal Service.

One thing we do to compensate for potential slow delivery with the United States Postal Service is to print the custom t-shirts or hats much faster than our regular turnaround so that they are received by the United States Postal Service more quickly than usual. It is our hope that the sooner we get the goods in the mail the faster they will be shipped out and delivered by the postal service.

We will inform you when your products have been delivered to the USPS and also provide you with any other information they have given us. However, since the transit time is always a bit of an unknown factor we recommend ordering as far in advance of any special in hands date as possible. For instance if you know you will need an order for an event that is coming up it is definitely best to get the order in sooner rather than later. Of course this is a good rule of thumb in general, but it is even more important when the package will be shipped to an APO address.

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