Does You Design It accept school purchase orders?

You Design It does accept official school purchase orders. We know that as a purchaser of custom t-shirts for a school club or school event, your resources are limited to what the school requires to make that purchase. Usually the school requires purchase orders to serve as the official paperwork for contracting a custom t-shirt order. We are prepared to help you through the process and give you any information that you may need to complete the purchase order.

What we like to see most on a official school purchase orders is a reference to the design, a price quote that you have received from us and the size breakdown of t-shirts that you are looking to get. It is also crucial to put all of your contact information on the purchase order so that we can contact you and confirm its receipt. Once we have communicated back and forth and confirmed the order details the clock has started and the order will begin. At this point, the order is to you just as if you had paid up front with a credit card.

You can fax the school purchase order in or just e-mail it to us. Whichever you prefer is fine with us, but we do ask that you give us a call afterwards to make sure we have received the purchase order. It is very easy to accidentally key in the wrong number when sending a fax or to mistakenly include or remove a letter in an email address. The last thing we want is for you to be patiently waiting for delivery of an order that we never received and know nothing about. For this reason it is important to call us after you send the purchase order to make sure that it was successfully received. This is also a great time for us to go over all of the information and to make sure that we don’t have any questions. This would of course be the ideal time for us to answer any questions that you may have as well. So the bottom line is that we happily accept purchase orders from schools on a regular basis.

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