How do your price indicators (dollar signs) next to the products work?

Our price indicators next to our products of one dollar sign, two dollar signs, or three dollars signs are a general key of the cost of the product. Since the product chosen is the foundation for the pricing, we do our best to get you started in the right direction. Thus the dollar signs are relative costs for the products.

The one dollar sign indicator means the product is considered most affordable. A big misconception is that we would carry products that are low quality. This is not the case. We only offer high-value products. This means our most affordable products are still considered high-quality on a budget.

The two dollar sign indicator means the product is considered a standard price. This category is our most purchased category because of the familiarity with the products and the affordability of the price. This is a great middle range as far as the price goes.

The three dollar sign indicator is for our premium products. These products are best for specific occasions, fashionable looks, or the highest comfortability. These are great products for the money, but they are definitely more expensive than the products in the other two categories.

No matter how many dollar signs are next to the product, we want you to get the best price that you can get. The other factors that determine your price for screen printing are the number of ink colors in your design, the total quantity being ordered and the number of print locations. For embroidery the other factors that determine your price are the number of embroidery locations, the size of the embroidered design, and the quantity of pieces being ordered. Digital printing is more of a flat rate, and the only factor that influences the price is the product chosen.

We realize that these various different criteria can get pretty confusing at time. For that reason we always encourage you to call or email us with any questions that you might have. We can also make recommendations to help you lower your cost if necessary. We want to do whatever it takes to get you the best items possible at the best price.

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