Will my price be the same for reorders?

We receive this question from customers on a regular basis; however, the answer is actually pretty involved. The pricing for reorders is completely dependent on the quantity being ordered at that time and not based on the original quantity. That can sometimes work out to be in your favor and in can sometimes work against you. It all depends on which order is larger of course. This isn't some cheap trick that we do to make more money or confuse you on the pricing. Unfortunately, it all boils down to the way t-shirt pricing is figured in the first place and the reason for it.

T-shirt pricing is based on the product chosen, the quantity needed, and the number of print colors per locations. Since we don't have excessive art charges and we don't do setup or screen charges, the reorder pricing is completely based on the quantity being ordered. So the truth is you get the best price the first time you order and can get that same price the second time if you order the same quantity. The good news is if your quantity increases on the second order your price will go down. The downside to that is if your quantity decreases the second time around your price can go up.

We do have the same minimums for reorders and again that goes back to the same issues we run into with an initial order. The reason we have minimums is because of the amount of time and labor that goes into setting up an order before it can be printed. The setup time is the same for both original orders and repeat orders. A high percentage of our orders are original orders so we gear up our services for that and give the lowest price possible in the beginning. Again that is not to say that a reorder will be more expensive because as long as the quantity is the same or higher it will be the same price or lower.

You can also use this information to your advantage. For example if you have an event in the fall and then another one in the spring, you may have been planning to order the same design twice, once in anticipation for each event. That is certainly logical; however, you will absolutely save more money if you order enough shirts for both events the first time and then just store them until it is time for the second event. Of course we realize that this is not something that is feasible for everyone, but it is definitely worth doing if it is possible.

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