Will I get an artwork proof of the layout before you print my order?

There are a couple different situations in which we do provide you with an artwork proof prior to going into production. However, there is also an instance in which we would not do this. That is of course the scenario in which you create your own design online on our site and you get to approve how it looks before you get to the checkout screen. The way your image appears at that point is exactly how we will print it. Thus, basically you have made your own artwork proof.

Now let’s take a look at a couple of instances in which we would send you an artwork proof for your order. The most common scenario in which this would happen is when you place an order with us after having sent in uploaded artwork. Since our artwork upload feature is for price quoting purposes only you would not be able to see and manipulate the uploaded design in the design studio. For that reason we would of course create an artwork proof for you and send it over to ensure that the layout, colors, text, images, and products are correct.

Another common scenario in which we would send you an artwork proof for your approval prior to going into production is when we add or remove something from the design that you yourself created in the design studio. This typically happens in instances in which you might be limited by something in the design studio. For example the maximum number of text lines that you can do in the design studio is four, but in most cases we are able to add additional text for you as needed. Another possibility is if you see a piece of clipart that you like for the most part, but might want to tweak in some small way. This could be something like adding or removing a small component of the clipart or doing it as a multicolor image instead of a single color image. Whatever the specifics are in your own case, it occasionally happens that we need to tweak the design after the order is placed, and in that instances of course we would send you an artwork proof for your approval so that you can verify the changes before we go into production.

What it all comes down to, is that we want you to know exactly what you are getting when you place an order. We want to avoid any unpleasant surprises and make sure that everything is perfect for you. That way when you open the box, it is nothing but smiles.

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