Why do individualized names and/or numbers cost more on custom t-shirts?

Individualized names and numbers printed on T-shirts cost considerably more than regular designs because of the increased amount of customization for each t-shirt. A big part of the cost behind the scenes for T-shirt printing is the time and labor it takes the screen printer to finish the job. When each t-shirt gets its own custom name and/or number, it can add a substantial amount of time and work to the overall print. It often increases the cost of materials as well.

Two of the most common ways to have names and/or numbers added to t-shirts are regular screen printing or heat sealed names and numbers. Heat sealed numbers typically cost less because there are fewer options and a half questionable durability. Screen printed names and numbers typically cost more because of the amount of setup to create all the necessary screens for the job as well as the extra time and labor that goes into this.

We actually do both options depending on the budget, time frame, and needs of the print job. Either way, we guarantee all of our work and you will be very satisfied with the end result. Remember though that doing custom names and numbers will unavoidably raise your price compared to doing the same design and quantity of pieces without the custom names and numbers.

Another important thing to bear in mind is the time frame of production. As we indicated above it can be very time consuming to do the custom names and numbers and that will very logically extend the production time. If you need a very fast rush delivery on your order then it may not be possible to get custom names and numbers on the t-shirts and still receive them in time. However, a lot will depend on the circumstances at the time of the order. It is always best to place the order as far in advance of your due date as possible to ensure that you have plenty of time. When this isn’t possible please call us directly so that you can discuss your rush needs with us.

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