Why are there minimums for screen printing and what are they?

At You Design It, the standard minimum for screen printing is six pieces. This is considered one of the lowest minimums in the whole industry. The reason why there are minimums for screen printing is because of the high amount of cost incurred before the printing even begins. This would consist of preparing the artwork, ordering and shipping the blank t-shirts from the wholesaler, printing the film, burning the screen and committing workers for the labor in all of this.

Due to this high initial setup cost it only becomes cost effective if several shirts are ordered and the price is diffused over several shirts instead of just one or two. Customers will often say that they are willing to pay more for just one or two t-shirts, but are then surprised to learn that it would literally cost over $100 (often much more depending on the design) to make just one t-shirt, and that would be if we were selling it at cost without any profit whatsoever, which of course isn't feasible.

As you can see, screen printing just one t-shirt would be a major losing proposition for us and tie up our resources from being able to create the jobs for everyone else. This is also why the minimum order is six pieces and it is also why printed samples are not possible, even for customers who are willing to pay for them.

However, we do our best to keep our minimum as low as possible, which is why we do only a six piece minimum. This will still mean of course that doing six pieces is going to cost a lot more per shirt than doing larger quantities of t-shirts, but we do offer the low six piece minimum for customers who need smaller orders.

For people who absolutely only need one or two t-shirts We also offer the digital printing process which is a completely different printing technique from screen printing. Unfortunately the quality is not quite as good with digital printing as it would be with screen printing, and there are fewer printing options - for example digital printing works best for printing darker ink colors on lighter colored shirts - however, this process allows people to order a single custom design t-shirt. We do our best to make custom designed t-shirts as affordable and accessible to people as possible.

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