Why are there minimums for embroidery and what are they?

A major portion of the cost for an embroiderer is actually incurred before the actual embroidery even begins. This is because we have to order the blank goods and have them shipped to us from the wholesaler, we also have to digitize the design for embroidery output, put the right thread colors on the machine, hoop the locations for embroidery, and then after all that set up the job up on the computer for the machines to run. As you can imagine that gets to be very labor intensive and costly.

Even with all of that said, we still have one of the lowest minimums in the whole industry at just six pieces for embroidery. The industry standard is actually twelve pieces and until recently we too offered embroidery with a twelve piece minimum. However, as soon as we realized that there was a way we could make the process work effectively with fewer pieces we lowered the minimum to six pieces. That is because we are always looking for ways to lower cost and improve efficiency so that we can keep our minimums as low as possible and make customers more happy.

With that said, you will still find that ordering higher quantities of pieces is more cost effective than ordering just the minimum or other lower quantities. That is because it will always be more cost effective and efficient to produce more of the same product at one time. For this reason, we recommend ordering the full quantity of pieces you need in the order in one order rather than two or three orders.

Very often customers will want to do two smaller orders rather than one bigger order so that they can see how the finished product turns out and so that they can better guage how many of the item they will ultimately need. Certainly this is a good idea from a lot of standpoints and makes a lot of sense; however, it has to be weighed against that additional cost of doing two smaller orders rather than one bigger one. Sometimes it will still make sense for the customer to do it that way, but it is important to be aware that doing something like two orders of six pieces and one order of twelve pieces, for example, will end up costing a lot more than doing a single order of eighteen pieces.

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