Who is the largest clothing manufacturer in the United States?

Many of the most common and familiar names in the clothing business like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and Guildan are actually produced overseas where cotton and labor costs are typically much lower. However, there is one well known clothing company which specializes in producing soft, comfortable, and stylish clothing right here in the United States: American Apparel.

American Apparel shot to success and experienced rapid growth over the past several years; however, recently it looks like they have slowed down a little bit. Nevertheless they're still the largest US producing clothing company. They are well known for their retail locations that have actually expanded globally but yet still maintain there manufacturing position in the United States. Production here in the states is crucial for American Apparel to continue because a large part of their marketing is based on being in sweat shop free manufacturing plants based in the Los Angeles area.

Although production costs are much higher in the United States, American Apparel feels that the added value and name recognition outweighs the increased production costs. Many of the overseas manufacturing plants have tried to reproduce the same style, softness and fit of the American Apparel brand but haven’t reached the same success in brand recognition as the AA clothing lines.

One common characteristic of American Apparel clothing is the softness of the touch when you are wearing their t-shirts and other apparel. This was a major opportunity for AA to be able to open up a production plant in Los Angeles and continue to provide the profit and operating capital to grow. Another common feature of AA clothing is the retail look and fit of their items. They tend to produce sizes on the slimmer side that aren’t considered a boxier or unisex cut. This is very popular with the younger demographic who they are primarily targeting with their marketing and production. Their clothes are still created in solid colors primarily and have been credited with making that cool again in an age of large oversized graphic printed t-shirts.

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