Why aren’t your prices clearly shown?

We would love to show our prices as clear as day. However, the only problem is that pricing in our industry is based on many variable factors. For screen printing, we have to look at the product chosen, the number of print colors per location, and the quantity of items needed. For embroidery, we have to look at the product chosen, the size of the embroidery design, and the number of locations for the embroidery.

Since two out of the three factors are unknown at the time of choosing a product, we have no way of showing prices. Our real-time pricing is based in our design studio as you put in your quantities per size while your design is up. This way we can consider all of the factors and give you an exact quote of what your order will cost.

We also want to keep it as easy as possible when we do do give you a quote. When you see our price, it includes everything with free shipping. No hidden charges and no setup fees. What you see is what you get.

The best way to get your price quote is to select your product, create your design, and put in your total quantity. Of course we realize that in some cases you may not want to go through the trouble of creating your design if it turns out that the price is outside of your price range. That is why we welcome you to call us or email us for a price quote. To determine the quote we will need to know the number of ink colors you will want in your design, the number of print locations, the product chosen, and the total quantity. You can also get the price quote yourself by clicking on the product and entering in these factors on your own. For example even if you do not want to go through and create your design, if you know that it will be printed in two ink colors you can simply add any two ink colors to the shirt and then put in your total order quantity for a price quote.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us. We can also give you price saving strategies by phone or email if the order is outside of your price range. In general the fewer ink colors printed the lower the cost per shirt.

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