When was the t-shirt invented?

The t-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 1800s. As you can imagine we here at You Design It couldn't be happier that it was created! To us this evolution of undergarments eventually becoming t-shirts is so innovative that we feel like it ranks right up there with creation of fire or the wheel, certainly as good sliced bread! The invention of t-shirts has saved kids all around the world from having to play in long sleeve button downs and overcoats.

Could you imagine washing your car with an old used button down shirt? Talk about a lot of scratches to your car from buttons. Now we have old t-shirts that can be recycled and provide the perfect shine to your car without scratching it. Of course the t-shirt also makes a logical choice of garments to actually wear while working outdoors.

And what would have happened to the retro t-shirt industry? It simply would not exist if it weren't for the invention of t-shirts. The retro button down shirt industry could have potentially been big but I’m just have a hard time seeing it.

Many of the old fabrics are being improved upon in ways we had never thought was possible before. Cotton is being called "charged" making it lighter, softer, and moisture wicking. Polyester has gone from a scratchy, itchy fabric to a high-performance fabric used by many sports teams. These fabrics are being blended together to create even more high-performance t-shirts and power combos. These new opportunities provide t-shirts even more room to grow as a staple in the apparel industry.

The t-shirt industry continues to expand and the technology for printing on t-shirts continues to improve right along with it. This will ultimately allow the t-shirt to evolve into something with even higher quality, that is more comfortable, and has improved usability. As the popularity of t-shirts grows, the printing industry will increase its t-shirt styles, colors and offerings.

It is pretty safe to say that t-shirts will not be going anywhere anytime soon. It is certainly not considered a dying industry much like the paper printing industry. As a t-shirt printer, this makes me very happy; however, as a t-shirt wearer, it makes me even happier.

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