What type of polo is best for heated outdoor activity?

A good polo to consider for the outdoor activities is a wicking or performance polo. With wicking and performance polo’s you have an all around great shirt. This style of shirt is characterized by its lightweight and soft but durable feel, plus it is designed to allow air flow which in turn wicks away the moisture from the shirt and body. In addition to all these great characteristics this style of shirt allows for its supporter to benefit from the positives while looking and feeling professional.

Wicking or performance polo’s are perfect for any individual wanting the maximum performance from their clothing. Whether you wear the polo for sports, such as golf, or for every day wear, these polo’s are an excellent choice for active individuals. Performance or wicking polo’s will give you a feeling of confidence and comfort. These polo’s have unparalleled moisture wicking properties, while also being very stylish.

Wicking or performance polo’s are very high quality shirts. Although some people today wear them because they are very stylish, they are intended for use by individuals who lead a very active lifestyle. The most important benefit of this type of polo is the moisture wicking properties. What exactly does wicking mean? Well, when your active or hot, perspiration builds up on your skin. This moisture is pulled away from the skin by the wicking abilities of these shirts. Once the polo fabric absorbs the moisture, it is spread across the entire surface area of the shirt. This allows the moisture to evaporate much quicker. After the moisture begins to evaporate, the wicking properties begin to dry. Pretty great and innovative idea for us active folks.

Performance or wicking polo’s come in a variety of great brands that you can trust. So, if your considering this style of shirt, whether for business golfing, casual business wear or just because you like the look, you will find what your looking for, in the colors you like and in the brand you love.

When it comes to customizing performance or wicking style polo’s embroidery is known as the industry standard. Embroidery flows well with this type of shirt and is known for its professional presence and its ability to last a long time.

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