What type of jacket would be ideal to wear in the summer?

An ideal jacket to wear in the summer would be a lightweight breathable jacket such as a windshirt or a sideline jacket. Both of these jackets are manufactured from nylon and have characteristics of being light weight and durable.

Sidelines jackets, or windshirts, offer a great deal of protection against certain elements as wind and water. For the summer sailing enthusiasts especially, this is the ideal jacket to wear. Off the boat, this type of outerwear provides protection from the sun or other unwanted elements while also being breathable enough to keep you cool. Some sideline jackets or windshirts even have mesh openings on the side and/or back to allow for extra airflow to the inside of the jacket and it allows for heat to escape.

Sideline jackets and windshirts are made of a highly durable and versatile Nylon material. Nylon is a synthetic silky material that has different levels of luster, meaning they can have a very shiny look, a dull silky look or somewhere in between. Nylon is highly resistant against abrasion and certain unwanted organisms such as insects, mold, mildew, fungi and many types of chemicals. Nylon sideline jackets and windshirts are extremely easy to care for, highly resilient and long lasting.

Sideline jackets and windshirts are the ideal jacket for anyone on a budget. They look great, are very long lasting and affordable. In fact, they are so affordable that some may believe they will not hold up as well as more expensive materials. This would certainly be an inaccurate assumption since they are extremely durable.

What’s the difference between a sideline jacket and a windshirt? Well, a sideline jacket looks just like a typical jacket. It has long sleeves that are sometimes elastic at the wrists and is usually hip length. The sideline jacket also has an open front that can be fastened with a zipper. Sometimes sideline jackets also have a hood for extra protection or style. Sideline jackets are comfortable and easy to wear.

A windshirt is like a sideline jacket but without the zipper front. So, it’s kinda like a sweatshirt with jacket characteristics also. Windshirts commonly have a v-neck collar, an elastic waistband and elastic cuffs at the wrists. Windshirts also commonly have side seam pockets to store your hands or extra golf tees. Windshirts are a great value considering they are durable, long lasting and they are priced for affordability.

When it comes to customization of either a windshirt or sideline jacket the industry standard is embroidery. This type of stitching uses an automated machine to direct needles and thread to create a predetermined design. Custom embroidery is noted for its professional look and texture. Embroidery is made using strong and economical thread that does not easily fray or break. There are millions of different designs that can be achieved through the embroidery process, so whether its a company logo, a name or just some cool design, embroidery is an excellent printing option.

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