What type of clothing is best to wear in meetings or interviews?

Business wear a.k.a. informal attire is the proper dress code to wear in meetings or interviews. This type of wear usually consists of a suit and necktie, or a button down shirt. Business wear is less formal than semi-formal but more formal than casual wear.

How you dress for a business meeting or interview says a lot about you. Your attire represents you. Appropriate dress supports the image that you take the meeting or interview process seriously. Your clothing for an interview or meeting should be appropriate and well fitting but it should not stand out too much. Dressing nicely for an interview or meeting is a compliment to the person or people that you are speaking with. It says they are important enough that you take the extra time to look nice for them.

When deciding on what to wear for an interview or meeting, it’s important to choose clothing that is appropriate. For an interview, a two piece matched suit is always the safest choice. Conservative colors and fabric are the most suitable. Navy or dark gray are the best color choices, while extreme colors should certainly be avoided. Solids are definitely the safest choice for button down type shirts but a shirt with a very subtle weave pattern or plaid are also a good choice. One good suit is all you should need for a job search, if that’s all your budget allows, but it should be a quality suit that looks good and will last a long while. That being said, you can still vary shirt or blouse and tie or accessories.

Now for the finer details... Carefully inspect your clothing for loose threads or frays, holes and for tags or stickers that manufacturers put on the clothing. Once that’s done, be sure your clothes are clean and well pressed. A nice suit and fine button down aren’t much good if they’re wrinkled. Well pressed clothing lets the interviewer or client know you care about your appearance, meaning you likely care about your potential job or business venture with them.

Sometimes, business casual is appropriate for business meetings but should probably be avoided for interviews. Business casual is a classic look, rather than trendy. Your clothing should be pressed, clean, neat and should fit well, not tight or baggy. Dark or khaki pants are appropriate business casual wear, along with a long sleeved pressed button down shirt. Nice, neatly pressed polo shirts are sometimes appropriate if you know the environment or if you’ll outside in the heat.

It is important to look proper when going into a meeting or interview, and one of the best ways to look certified is to order custom business wear. It is possible to have button downs or dress shirts, and polo’s custom embroidery for your business or company.

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