What do we do if we only have a jpeg for print?

If the only type of artwork file you have is a jpeg, don’t worry; just send it over to us. We are happy to take jpegs and convert them into a vector file format so that you get the highest quality print possible. In fact, having a jpeg is not a bad place to start because it provides us with a file we can view and share to get you a quote. It also serves as a great foundation because it shows us exactly what you want without trying to explain without something to look at.

The higher the resolution of the jpeg the better when creating your design. This takes a lot of work and time out of the conversion process when converting a jpeg to vector artwork. The typical dpi, or dots per inch, of a jpeg is 72. It is much better and easier for us when we receive one in the 300 to 600 dots per inch range. Not to worry though, we can work with just about anything to get it right. A basic jpeg is a good starting point even if it isn’t perfect quality.

If you are new to design, or lacking the tools to create the design that you are looking for, try out our design studio online. We have over 5000 images and over 80 fonts for you to work with to create your design. You can also check out our design gallery and choose any of the designs there. We have lots of different categories for you to choose from and we are happy to modify these templates as desired to fit your needs.

We realize that all this talk of jpegs and vector images might be confusing to some users. After all these are terms used in design and not everyone has a background in design. Not to worry, all it really comes down to is that you can simply take whatever file you have for your artwork and send it over to us. We will do the rest and before you know it you will have a great order for custom t-shirts.

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