What time of day does UPS Ground deliver by?

UPS Ground shipping, which is our most common form of shipping, delivers by the end of the day. They do not specify a cutoff time because all of their routes are different and ground shipping takes the least priority behind expedited shipments. Typically, residential deliveries come after commercial deliveries.

UPS ground also does not require a signature when dropping the package(s) off. It is not uncommon for them to leave the package at a doorstep if the recipient is not at the location to receive it. It is best to follow your tracking number throughout the day of delivery to know if the package has been dropped off yet or not. We have even had cases in which UPS has delivered the package with the customer at home without their knowledge. In these types of cases we can only assume that either the customer did not hear the doorbell or knock, or that the UPS driver failed knock or ring loudly enough. In any case we have heard of instances in which the customer has checked their tracking number only to see that it said delivered and to then open the door and find the package waiting for them.

We have also seen many cases where delivery can come very late in the evening before the end of the business day. If your scheduled delivery date has come and passed without a package being delivered, the first thing you should do is check the tracking progress. They usually have an explanation for what has happened to the package and why the delivery was missed.

Once our products are in the hands of UPS, we no longer have control over them. Because of the lack of control we are not able to guarantee their delivery by a specific time or date. All we can do is get the package in their hands with the scheduled delivery date meeting our deadline. Remaining attentive to your package’s progress by monitoring your tracking number is a good step to take, especially if you need the order by a specific date and are concerned about the delivery timeline. If you lose your UPS tracking number you are always welcome to call or email us and we can give it to you again. The email that we send out when the package has been shipped is an automated email so it is also possible for it to go to a junk or spam folder.

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