Are there any parts of the t-shirt that can't be printed on like the sleeves or the lower part of the t-shirts?

This is a question that we receive quite often nowadays, because it is very trendy to print in unusual locations. The good news is that, almost all parts of a t-shirt can be printed on if the location is isolated and the size of the design fits in the isolated location. Where the problems arise is when the design is large and intended to be printed as a continuous design from another location to another. An example of this would be trying to print from the front of the shirt to the sleeve with one continuous design. This requires printing over the sleeve seam and the screens can stretch causing a less than uniform print throughout the run.

Another example would be trying to print from the neckline to the side of the t-shirts underneath the sleeve. A continuous design from the neck to under the sleeve isn’t possible because the t-shirt can’t fit on the platen across the whole print area. Individually each location can be printed on but a continuous design cannot make it from one to the other. Thus it would be necessary to break the design and print in each location separately.

Another big request that we get fairly often is to print a continuous design from the front of the shirt to the back. Printing over the top seams would not be a problem if the shirt could be positioned on the platen with the neckline on top. However, alas it cannot, thus making this print impossible.

So remember most locations can be printed in; however, not in a continuous way from location to another. An important factor to keep in mind is also that since the pricing is based on the number of print colors per location, doing multiple locations can significantly raise your price. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, it might be more cost effective for you to alter your design so that it won’t need to be printed in as many different locations. If you are concerned about the logistics of an order please don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions.

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