What methods can be used to customize a fleece jacket?

When it comes to fleece jacket customization, embroidery is the most widely used, and most popular method. Fleece is easily recognized for its soft and light feeling, as well as its ability to provide immense warmth. Cotton is used to manufacture fleece, therefore it is also known to be durable and comfortable.

Fleece is a great material that provides a stylish look and is an efficient insulator of heat. Fleece is also breathable which allows perspiration to easily pass through the fibers. For this reason fleece is a popular choice for use during strenuous activities in which the people need to stay warm due to the local temperature, but in which they might also be moving around enough to work up a sweat. The good news on that is that fleece is also machine washable and dries very quickly, so frequent laundering isn’t a problem. Another really great benefit of fleece is that it can be made using recycled PET bottles or from other recycled fleece. That makes it a very popular choice for ecologically minded people.

Fleece was actually originally designed to mimic wool, and in some ways, surpass it. Fleece has some of wool’s finest qualities, but yet it weighs just a fraction of what the lightest available wool would weigh. Fleece is typically used in casual style jackets and high performance outdoor jackets. It is relatively cheap to produce but is durable and functional. For our vegan friends, fleece is an excellent alternative to wool, especially considering that it can be made of recycled bottles.

Fleece jackets have a fluffy texture to them that allows for embroidery to compliment the jacket, and this type of customization is known to be clear-cut and ultra durable. Embroidery uses strong threads such as cotton, rayon or polyester. These threads are most commonly used because they won’t easily break or fray and offer a high quality sheen to any garment. Embroidery adds a great custom look to your fleece jacket, whether you are embroidering a company name or logo, a team name, or any of the other abundant possibilities. Embroidery uses a thread and needle controlled by a machine to construct wonderful designs time and time again.

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