What methods can be used to customize a duffel bag?

Screen printing and embroidery can both be used to customize a duffel bag. This is because a duffel bag is made of a material that can handle screen printing or embroidery just fine either way. It really comes down to the personal preference or pricing based on the design.

As far as the pricing goes, screen printing and embroidery are based on different pricing machanics. A screen printing job will be priced based on the number of ink colors that are used to print the the design. That is because for screen printing the majority of the production cost is associated with how many ink colors the design uses. For screen printing the size of the design won't impact the price at all. Doing a large one color design will cost just as much as doing a small one color design for screen printing.

For embroidery on the other hand the major factor is how large the design is. Embroidery is typically only used for smaller designs because doing very large embroidery designs isn't realistic from a price standpoint. Again this is because the major production costs are associated with the amount of space the embroidered design takes up. The good thing about embroidery pricing however is that it costs no more to make an embroidered design with several colors as it does to make one with a single color.

Naturally this means that when deciding whether or not to have your custom designed duffel bags embroidered or screen printed one factor that must be considered is the size of the design and how many colors you want to use. However, with that said some people simply have a preference for one method over the other regardless of cost. Both screen printing and embroidery will come out looking great on a duffel bag but of course that doesn't change people's personal preferences. Often times people will also simply be imagining one and not the other.

Embroidery does tend to be the more common production method for customizing duffel bags however. That is because duffel bags are well known for their strength and durability and so is embroidery. Many people also simply prefer the way the embroidered thread looks on the fabric of the duffel bag.

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