What methods can be used to customize a cotton blend jacket?

Embroidery and screen printing are the two most common methods of customization when it comes to a jacket that is made of cotton blend fabric. This type of jacket is known for its great all around look, feel, and durability. It is versatile enough to look great with either customization process applied to it.

Screen printing is an excellent customization method for transferring a design onto a jacket in many scenarios. Screen printing is the technique of printing that uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil. The stencil has open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials through the mesh, creating a high quality image onto a coating. A roller or squeegee tool is then rolled across the screen stencil, pressing the ink through the mesh and onto the printing surface. Screen printing has nearly limitless possibilities as far as the type of designs that can be created. Screen printing is a good choice when you are going for a large design that will really stand out.

Embroidery is another popular method of customization. Modern Embroidery is typically achieved using a computerized embroidery machine. Images are digitized into an embroidery file that can then be edited or combined with other designs to get the look you are going for. Next, the final design file is loaded into the embroidery machine. Once the fabric is stabilized, the embroidery can begin but it should be monitored closely. Embroidery has a very sharp, professional look and it is a great choice for a small style design such as a left chest.

The route of embroidery showcases the preciseness of the machine, and it also compliments the jacket. This method of customization is known to be long-lasting and highly effective, and there are millions of designs that can be accomplished through embroidery. Embroidery also creates a very professional look that will give your cotton blend jacket that little extra special touch.

Whether you choose embroidery or screen printing, you are sure to get a quality design at an affordable price. We allow you to upload your own artwork, giving your jacket your own unique style or alternatively you may create a custom logo in our design studio. Either way, there are lots of great options for adding embroidered or screen printed customization to your cotton blend jacket.

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