What methods can be used to customize backpacks?

When customizing backpacks there are actually two different methods that can be used effectively; you can get the backpack screen printed or embroidered. Screen printing is a method of printing that uses plastisol inks and is priced based on the number of print colors per location. Embroidery is a method of decoration that uses thread and is priced based on the size of the design being embroidered.

Embroidery is typically the most common method of customization, and it uses a machine with thread and needles to stitch a design onto the backpack. This type of customization is very popular because of the professional look it gives and the durability of the embroidered design itself. It is also very common to see people get their initials, school, or company name embroidered onto the backpack.

However, it is important to distinguish which you prefer based on what you want to have done. For example it is going to be much more cost effective to get a large design done with screen printing than it would be with embroidery, because the size of the design doesn’t impact the price for screen printing. On the other hand if you want a small design that has a lot of colors in it then embroidery is probably your best bet, since the number of colors in the design doesn’t impact the price for embroidery. Of course personal preference also plays a huge role here as does how long you plan to use the backpacks and what they will be used for. If you're planning to give the backpacks away as prizes or other freebies then you may want to emphasize cost effectiveness. On the other hand if you're getting this for close friends and family you may choose not to emphasize the price quite as much.

Both techniques come out great though and we're happy to review the design with you to try to determine the best route to go for your circumstances. Custom backpacks are a great item to customize because they tend to stand out more and be a little bit less commonly seen than a lot of other items. We are always excited when we see people do an order for these great products.

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