What method of printing is best for single t-shirts?

When looking to print single t-shirts the best method is digital t-shirt printing. This kind of printing is also known as DTG or direct to garment printing, and it uses a technique similar to an inkjet paper printer. Direct to garment printing is also very easy on the wallet.

Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG is a process of applying colors to fabric, such as t-shirts, in a defined pattern or design. The process uses modified or specialized inkjet technology. There are two main requirements of a DTG printer: The transport mechanism for the garment and inkjet textile inks that are directly applied to the fabric and absorbed by the fibers.

Direct to Garment printers offer the largest print area and the lowest ink cost of any tabletop inkjet to garment printer. Additionally, the resolution and speed of these printers have greatly increased over the years, making them much more efficient and has resulted in the development of direct to garment printing. Direct to garment printers are great because there are virtually no set up costs and DTG printed t-shirts are ready almost immediately, as opposed to longer methods of customization such as screen printing and embroidery. Today, advances in this technology have caused ink prices to become lower and the ink to perform better.

Direct to Garment printing is a non contact type of printing, which prevents the image from being distorted and allows for a more exact design image to be printed on the shirt. Garments printed using the DTG printer are usually operated by a type of software called Raster Image Processor, or RIP. RIP software allows for larger volumes of ink to be used and more precise color through profiles.

Because Direct to Garment printing is so easy on the wallet, it makes digital printing the best all around option for low quantity orders such as six items or less. Fortunately we do have this newer printing technology available to be able to handle smaller quantities. Years ago there wasn't even an option for single printed t-shirts. There is now and it’s improving all the time!

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