What method of customization is best for hats?

One of our most popular types of custom designed items is by far the hat. People loving doing custom designed hats with their own logo or text on them. These hats are popular for everything from company uniforms, sports team accessories, or just fun keepsakes for parties, trips, and other events. However, one thing that people often worry about when working on their hat orders is what is the best method to customize their hats and how good will the end result turn out.

The best customization process for hats is by far embroidery. Embroidery looks very professional and stylish on hats and is the recommended production process. The reasons for this are that the majority of hats are composed of a cotton based fabric which is ideal for embroidery. For example many hats are composed of a cotton twill fabric. Twill is the type of pattern that the fabric is sewn in.

There are exceptions to this rule though. For example some hats, especially trucker style hats, are composed of foam rather than cotton. Foam trucker hats are very popular and the style has a lot of fans. However, unfortunately foam is not at all suitable for embroidery since the process would mess up the foam base. The good news though, is that foam based hats are very good candidates for screen printing. That is because unlike their cotton counterparts a foam trucker hat doesn't have the seam running down the middle of the front. The seam would mess up a design being done with screen printing, but since a foam trucker hat doesn't have that seam there is no problem. The foam material itself also provides a great canvas for the ink.

With the exception of hats that use foams as their material we don't recommend screen printing on hats. That is because the embroidery usually comes out much better on a cotton based hat and because the embroidery looks so professional and is so durable. However, as stated above if the hat is a foam trucker hat then the recommended customization process is screen printing.

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