What makes an organic t-shirt organic?

For a t-shirt is to be labeled organic it must be manufactured from cotton that has been organically grown. The definition of organic cotton is cotton that has been grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Also, the cotton plant cannot be genetically modified in any way. Organic farming must meet certain standards, including but not limited to, only using natural type fertilizers and only using non chemical means of pest control. Organic farming has been practiced for thousands of years and was of course the original type of agriculture. It was only after the industrial revolution that unnatural types of fertilization and pesticides were introduced. Some of those early artificial methods caused very serious harmful side effects.

Today, organic farming is only a small fraction of our total agricultural output. However, organic products are increasing in popularity once again as a result of growing awareness that organic is better for the environment and that it makes the world a healthier place in which to live and breath. Thanks to this growing trend even more farmers than before are turning their efforts toward growing organic crops, especially cotton.

Generally, a product may be certified organic if it meets certain standards of production. Organic production includes everything from the growing process to the packaging and shipping. Organically certified products must be free of synthetic chemicals, including fertilizers, pesticides and anything that genetically modifies the product. Not only do organic farms have to avoid synthetic chemicals, they must also be on land that has been chemical free for several years before the growing process even begins. Another requirement is that organic products must be kept separate from non-organic products. Finally, organic farmers must submit to periodic inspections to ensure continued compliance and standards.

Choosing t-shirts that have been made from organic cotton benefits the planet. If you consider organic shirts you will be considering a healthy and clean product that you can feel good about buying and which will also feel great while it is being worn. These types of shirts are an excellent way to help you go green and do your part for the environment. The higher cost associated with growing the cotton and manufacturing the t-shirts does unavoidably raise the price; however, this is a cost which many people consider well worth paying.

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