What are the different kinds of adjustable closures on hats?

When trying to reach a decision about what type of hat to order for an event one of the main contributing factors in the decision is often the type of closure that the hat employs. After all the type of closure will heavily determine how easily the hat can be adjusted and it is also one of the major style elements of the hat. In some cases the type of closure used can be a deal breaker, or a deal maker.

As you have probably realized the types of closures on various styles of hats varies considerably. In fact sometimes it can seem like there are as many different types of closures as there are hats! This is not actually the case though, but it can feel like it when you are presented with an overwhelming abundance of information. Here are a few different kinds of adjustable closures and some specs on each one:

Snapback: This is one of the oldest ways to adjust the size of a hat to fit your head. The good ole' fashioned snap back is made of plastic and snaps at different distances to change the size of the fit. The two straps basically consist of two bands of plastic, one with raised plastic knobs and one with a row of corresponding holes. This is perhaps the most familiar type of hat closure to most people.

Velcro: Another older, familiar option is the velcro closure. It is simply two fabric straps with velcro on opposing sides to connect to each other at varying lengths. Velcro is popular because it is so easy to work with. It takes no time at all to adjust this type of hat and the hat can easily be made very tight or very loose in a matter of seconds.

Buckle: The buckle style closure is relatively new, having only semi-recently become more popular with the college style hat. It consists of fabric that slides through a buckle at different lengths for a custom fit. Often the buckle is made of brass but of course it can consist of any type of metal or even plastic.

Flexfit: The flexfit style hat is the newest form of closure. It adjusts itself to the size of your head by use of a spandex headband inside the hat. It is available in multiple sizes such as S/M, L/XL, and XL/XXL. This basically provides a general starting range for the hat which then adjusts itself to the wearer. The person wearing the hat doesn’t have to do anything at all to adjust the size other than put the hat on.

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