What kind of ink is used for screen printing?

Ink is described as a fluid, pigmented liquid or thick substance that is used for writing or printing. When it comes to screen printing inks they are known to be more viscous than an average ink, and this allows for it to have different properties when compared to other printing inks. It is very logical and natural that screen printing ink would be different from other types of ink since it has different demands and expectations placed upon it.

Plastisol is the most common ink used when it comes to screen printing, and this type of ink is known for its clear graphic detail and its thick and durable texture. There are many other inks available such as water-based, discharge, suede, and expanding ink. And there is even PVC and Phthalate free ink for those who are looking for a more eco friendly ink. These are all great choices, but by and large there is nothing wrong with sticking with good old reliable plastisol for most screen printing orders.

The ink is often something that is taken for granted or even completely ignored in the order; however, the ink is a very important component of the screen printing process. It is important to have a good design and a good t-shirt to work with, as well as of course good screen printing equipment and techniques, but all of these things will suffer and the end result will still be disappointing, or at best not all that it could have been, with a poor ink. Bad ink just doesn’t do a good design justice!

Here at You Design It we use plastisol ink for screen printing. That is because of its proven track record and effectiveness in printing. It is also the most common type of ink used in screen printing so that means that it is also the one people will typically be most familiar with and what they will usually have in mind. Plastisol ink is also the most widely available and the ink of choice for You Design It. It is long lasting, easy to mix and has always provides the customer with the satisfaction they were looking for.

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