What is the typical turnaround in the t-shirt printing industry?

Two to four weeks is the typical turnaround in the t-shirt printing industry. Many businesses fall into this lengthy turnaround due to factors such as poor communication, lack of organization and lack of in house control.

Many people don't know what to expect when it comes to the turnaround time for their order. In fact it's by far one of the most common questions we receive from customers regardless of what they're order. Very often people will wrongly assume that if they place their order that morning that by later that afternoon we'll be able to send it out and that they can reasonably expect it by tomorrow or the next day. Unfortunately that just isn't realistic. Not only are there almost always quite a few others orders already in line ahead of the newest order to come in, but even if it were the only order we were working same day turnaround just isn’t realistic for several reasons.

There are several different steps that each order will have to go through. One aspect of every order is simply doing the artwork for that order. Before any actual printing takes place there are several things which must be done to the artwork to get it into a format that is ready for printing. This takes time, especially for complicated or highly detailed artwork. Even with intensive labor on the part of our art department it often simply isn’t possible to complete it the same day. Also, the actual printing of the shirts once everything else is set up and ready to go takes a good chunk of time as well.

However, the main limiting factor is definitely getting the blank shirts themselves. No one in the industry keeps blank shirts in stock because it just isn't realistic. We (and pretty much every company) offer far too many different types of shirts in a range of different colors and sizes. There's just no way to anticipate what someone will need before they order it and even if it were possible keeping such a huge inventory wouldn't be at all cost effective. That means that once an order comes in we have to order the blank shirts from our vendors. The best possible scenario is that they will only be one day away in shipping time; however, it can easily take longer depending on other factors such as ordering cut off times and warehouse stock.

This means that for a typical order, with free shipping and without any rush fees or other expedited charges the turnaround time will be from about 7-10 business days. We're usually able to fall on the earlier 7 business day part of that range and always strive to get the order out faster if possible. Since the typical turnaround time in the industry is about two to four weeks that puts us right at or exceeding the industry standard. We can also very often accommodate customers who do need rush delivery sooner than the 7-10 business day standard free shipping span.

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