What is the minimum when it comes to custom embroidered polo’s?

Knowing the minimum for a potential order is one of the most important pieces of information to consider when you are preparing to place an order. After all few things could be as frustrating as having your design, sizes, and funds all in place only to discover that your order doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. A minimum order is defined simply as the lowest order quantity that a vendor will accept. In some cases the minimum order may just be one piece; however, in other times it could be twenty-four or more depending on the particular item in question as well as of course the company that is being ordered from.

The online custom embroidery industry usually requires a minimum order of six pieces to start a customized polo shirt order. Through the process of embroidery millions of designs can be transferred onto a polo with the use of an embroidery machine with needles and thread. The portion of the embroidery machine that has the needles and thread is called the embroidery head. The embroidery head is the part of the machine that actually embroiders the onto an item. Sometimes embroidery machines can have multiple embroidery heads with multiple needles on each head. This is common in most industrial embroidery machines because it allows for the embroiderer to use multiple colors of thread without having to re-thread a needle every time there is a color change. They also allow for more items to be embroidered in a lesser amount of time and with fewer mistakes.

Embroidery is a durable and long lasting stitch that adds a special touch to polos, hats, tote bags, and much more. Embroidery thread is usually made using durable fibers such as cotton, rayon, and even novelty yarns. Wool, silk and linen are also traditionally used. Embroidery is a typical and stylish choice for those wishing to display a logo or business name on a polo shirt or other type of shirt, bag or cap. Embroidery is also popular for household items. Some individuals like to embroider names or initials on household towels, linens or drapes. Often when this is done the process is called monogramming instead, but it is essentially the same process. Have you ever ordered embroidered towels for a wedding gift? Fantastic gift idea! Embroidered items offer a wide range of functions, such as the display of a company name and it also offers a stylish touch to a variety of items.

Custom embroidery is a wonderful addition to customizing polo’s and other items. If you have been to other sites that offer embroidery you may have seen a minimum order of anywhere from 12-24 pieces which is not at all uncommon. That may have seemed high to you or it may simply have been more than you wanted to order. If so then how about a low six piece minimum here at You Design It? Yep that’s right, now there is a new minimum order requirement for embroidered polo's and we have it right here on our site... it is an unbelievably low six piece minimum for embroidered polos, hats, bags, and more!

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