What is the minimum when it comes to custom embroidered button downs?

When ordering custom embroidered button down shirts online the industry standard usually requires a minimum order of twelve pieces. Millions of designs can be transferred onto a button down shirt through the process of embroider, which is the process of needles and thread sewing to create a design. However, the minimum is usually required due to the cost associated with manufacturing them as well as the labor intensity involved.

But now there is a new sheriff in town, and an all new six piece minimum is here for your delight. This means now with button downs, bags, hats, and more all you have to order is six pieces. For any items screen printed or embroidered, the minimum is six pieces for the same design.

It is our hope that the lower minimum order will enable even more people to order terrific, high quality custom embroidered items for their company or event. It's also important to remember that while the minimum order for embroidery is six pieces, and all six pieces would have to be embroidery of the same design, we can embroider on multiple different items for you. That means that you're welcome to order three polos and three button down shirts to reach your six piece minimum. You can also order in multiple different colored shirts if you would like. Remember though that while you can order as few as six pieces for embroidery the more pieces you order the lower your cost per item.

Embroidery is a terrific way to customize shirts for your company. It looks professional, is durable and high quality and it will give your employees a since of unity. It's also a great, easy way to round out a company uniform. So take advantage of our new low, six piece embroidery minimum and order today!

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