What is the minimum quantity on custom embroidered products?

When it comes to custom embroidered products six pieces is the new minimum, with that said you have to order at least six hats to have them custom embroidered.

Embroidery is the most popular method used to customize hats, polo’s, and dress shirts. The technique of embroidery has been around for a long time and the industry and machines continue to advance, this is why we are glad to put out the word that there is an all new low minimum of six pieces with it comes to custom embroidery. It is our hope that this new, lower minimum on embroidery will allow even more people to order great, high-quality hats, polo's, and dress shirts. This is ideal for company uniforms, family events, or just a fun thing to do with a group of friends.

The good news though, is that while six pieces is the minimum order, if you are able to order more than six pieces your price will drop even more. That is because the more pieces ordered at one time the more cost effectively they can be produced and we pass that savings on to you. For that reason the design on all six pieces does have to be same. We also aren't able to mix screen printing and embroidery together to reach the six piece minimum, the order would have to be at least six pieces of each.

You are welcome to order a variety of different product colors though. You can even order a few different style of hats or a few different styles of polos to reach the six piece minimum. However, you generally aren't able to mix hats and polos to reach the minimum because they typically require differently sized embroidery. With this new low minimum on embroidery it's never been easier to own your own custom made hats or polos.

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