What is the minimum on screen printed t-shirts?

The minimum on screen printed t-shirts and other screenprinted items in general is six pieces, this means that you have to order at least six custom shirts to get them screen printed. They also have to have exactly the same design printed on them in exactly the same size dimensions.

Screen printing is the most common method of t-shirt customization and has been for many years. This method of printing is highly perfected and it is known for its unique texture, look, and durability. When ordering screen printed t-shirts it is best to order the most that you can make use of and budget for, this is because the more shirts you order the cheaper each one will cost.

It is also important to remember that the six piece minimum is six pieces per design. So all six pieces would need to have the exact same design on them. Again this is because the cost of production is heavily dependent on the quantity per design. You are welcome to get a variety of different shirt colors and even different shirt styles to reach your six piece minimum. It is also fine to mix items that would also be receiving the same screen printed design, for example three sweatshirts and three t-shirts would be fine as long as the design is printed exactly the same, including the size of the print, on all items. Naturally you are welcome to get two or more different designs done and we are very happy to oblige you. However, it is important to remember that the minimum for each design is six pieces, and that each design will be priced separately based on the quantity, artwork, and product for that order.

The prices themselves will decrease for each additional screen printed item that you order. For example six pieces is the minimum and would be more expensive per shirt than seven pieces, which is more expensive than eight pieces and so on. Another big factor which impacts your price for screen printing is the number of ink colors and locations being printed. The fewer ink colors and locations the lower the cost per shirt. For example one ink color in one location only is the most economical print configuration.

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