What is the difference between a foam trucker and a constructed trucker hat?

One of the first questions that often comes up when we are discussing a trucker style hat with a customer is what the difference is between the constructed trucker hat and the foam trucker hat. There are actually several very important differences, but first, let's review what they have in common. The main similarity between the two is that they both feature an open plastic mesh back which is typically adjustable.

The differences however are very striking. The constructed trucker is a six panel hat with the two front panels and bill consisting of a cotton twill material. The inside of the two front panels features a firm structure which gives it the constructed aspect and which provides a hard, front surface that will hold its shape even when not being worn. By contrast the foam trucker hat is a five panel hat with the front panel and bill casing consisting of a seamless, soft foam.

These differences in materials and construction mean that before you even begin customizing the two hats, they are already going to look and feel very different from each other. The customization process of course further distinguishes them. The preferred method of customizing a constructed trucker hat is embroidery. The cotton twill takes the embroidery threads very well and embroidery looks great and very professional on this style of hat. By contrast embroidery would not work at all on the foam trucker hat since the soft foam would fall apart if stitching were applied to it. The good news though is that the seamless front and the foam material are ideal for the screen printing method and this type of imprinting comes out looking terrific on the foam trucker hat!

So when trying to decide between the foam trucker hat and the constructed trucker hat it is important to ask yourself what type of material you want your hat to be made out of and what type of customization you would like to see for your logo. Both are great hats and both methods of customization come out looking excellent, but they are very different hats. We are proud to offer both here at You Design It.

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