What is the difference between a constructed hat and an unstructured hat?

The main difference between a constructed hat and an unstructured hat is the sturdiness of the crown. With a constructed hat, the crown is stable and molded into a shape. Whereas with an unconstructed hat, the crown is flexible and free forming; it is the wearer’s own head which gives it a shape.

A constructed hat is one that uses full construction or support when the front of the crown is being made. The front of the crown is located directly above the bill of the hat. The shape is created using buckram, which is a firm fabric lining that adds additional support to the front of the hat. These types of hats are known for keeping their shape and composure during plenty of use. Embroidery is the most popular way to decorate this type of hat because of its construction and durability. The main reasons consumers choose embroidery is because it is durable, long-lasting, and it looks professional. Traditional baseball hats are one type of constructed hats which nearly everyone is familiar with.

Unstructured hats are comfortably relaxed hats that are flexible and soft. In fact they are so flexible that they can even be stuffed into a pocket or purse when necessary. Unstructured hats have 6-panels and are sometimes referred to as a floppy hat. This simply means that the inside front of the hat has no support material and it will flop down a bit if it is set on a table. Unstructured hats are made of 100% cotton materials and include a cotton sweatband on the inside and an adjustable strap on the back to ensure a comfortable fit. These hats are considered by some to be more stylish looking than the standard baseball hat. Unstructured hats tend to have a lower looking visual profile than standard hats, but are as deep in the crown as standard hats. Unstructured hats are trendy hats that lack the rigid shape of traditional constructed hats.

Ultimately which one you choose simply comes down to a matter of preference. Each type of hat has its own fans who swear by it. Of course many people enjoy both types of hats and enjoy having a little variety and getting a few of each. One final consideration is that some people may consider one type of hat more comfortable than the other. Again, however, this comes down to a matter of preference.

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