What is pigment dyed for t-shirts and hats?

The phrase “Pigment Dyed” in pigment dyed t-shirts or hats is very confusing to a lot of people because they do not actually understand what the phrase means. In fact this term is a little bit misleading in and of itself. The reason is because the fabric in question, the shirt or hat, isn't actually being dyed at all. Instead pigments are being added to the fabric that binds to it and wraps around it to change its color. This means the t-shirt or hat is actually changing its color without being dyed at all.

The actual process of pigment dyeing when it comes to manufacturing is a relatively cheap one which is good because it means the t-shirts don't cost that much more than regular t-shirts. The end color of a pigment dyed T-shirt has a very worn look and can go nicely with a specific theme such as vintage or southwestern. The color also has a slight gradient look to it because it doesn't appear solid at first glance. Again this is because the process of pigment dying isn’t as uniform as regular dyes. That makes the shirt not only have a more faded look, but also a more textured, less consistent look to it.

These qualities make pigment dyed t-shirt very popular with a lot of people. It is often very desirable to purchase shirts and other clothing with a worn, faded look and pigment dyed t-shirts are the perfect item to accomplish that goal. Rest assured that these types of t-shirts take screen printing inks just as well as a regular t-shirt and that they pose no special problems to customize.

Most of the color options for pigment dyed apparel have very descriptive names such as dillweed, java and bluegrass. You won't find these color options with standard t-shirts. So if the next time you're looking at some standard tees and the colors just aren't enticing enough, check out the pigment dyed tees for more uncommon colors. Pigment dyed t-shirts are growing in popularity and we are looking forward to seeing what types of colors come out next!

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