What is the fabric called nylon?

Nylon was first developed in the 1930s by DuPont scientist Wallace Carothers. Nylon is usually considered the first viable man-made fabric to become popular and successful with consumers and companies.

Nylon first gained a strong foothold in the market place as an alternative fabric for ladies' stockings which were originally manufactured from silk. Nylon's success in this market was due in large part for it's ability to resist runs and tearing as well as it's more cost effective nature. In fact nylon became so closely associated with ladies' stockings that the term "nylons" became synonymous with stockings.

Soon nylon went on to fill in for silk in many other important ways. As American entered World War II nylon immediately became a vital replacement for the silk in parachutes and flak vests. It was even used in many types of vehicle tires.

Nylon is so versatile because there are many different types of Nylon each with slightly different compositions. In fact "nylon" itself is just a generic term for a family of synthetic polymers called polyamides. That's why hard versions of nylon are used for toothbrush bristles and combs. In fact Nylon is used for everything from clothing fabric such as windbreakers, jackets, swimwear, activewear, track suits and even bridal veils as well as much more to items such as umbrellas, luggage, tires, combs, toothbrushes, seat-belts, drapes, ropes, and musical strings, and even mechanical parts such as screw and gears.

Of course Nylon is very often associated with the clothing industry and it is often credited as paving the way for easy care items. It's so popular in clothing because it's generally very easy to launder and take care of, it dries quickly and retains it's shape well and it's also extremely strong and elastic. Another great benefit of Nylon is that it will melt by not burn. Nylon is also colorless to start with by dyes very well.

Nylon is produced by pouring molten nylon through small holes in a device called a spinneret. The strings of nylon harden as they are exposed to the air then they can be woven and twisted together in different ways to give the nylon different consistencies. The different chemical compositions of nylon also have different characteristics and consistencies.

With all that said the main thing you need to remember about nylon is that it's ideal for making your jacket or other garment and we're proud to offer it as one of our fabric options!

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