What is the mesh material for hats?

Mesh is a material that consists of a semi permeable barrier. This semi-permeable barrier, or construction, is an excellent feature on trucker hats because it allows some things to come through while acting as a barrier to other things. Why is that so great? Well, imagine a hot summer day in your favorite mesh hat... hot right? Yes, but so much better with a cool breeze flowing through those nice little mesh holes. Did you also know that fiber, metal, plastic, and other flexible materials are connected in strands to make this product. Mesh consists of many attached or woven strands thus making it in many ways comparable to a netting, web, or basket weave.

Mesh hats have become very popular among American youth and are now made in a variety of styles. The mesh can be formed into a traditional foam trucker hat, a cotton panel mesh hat, a low-profile structured cap, a six, five or four panel mesh hat, or a Euro style hat with a mesh strip along each side of the hat. As you can see the options are almost endless.

Caps constructed from mesh are lightweight and perfect for air ventilation. This makes them perfect for sports or athletic teams. They are very easy to wear and are stylish too. These types of caps usually consist of two materials, one of them being the mesh used for the back side of the hat, and the second being cotton twill or a cotton blend used for the front crown and bill of the hat. Mesh hats are also often made with a foam front panel. The front panels can easily be embroidered or screen printed, depending on the material, for a great custom look.

Mesh is a great alternative to the typical all cotton, wool or polyester hats because it is lightweight, easy to wear, and an all around trendy addition to any wardrobe. Mesh hats are usually adjustable too, so they are great for any size head. If you are looking for your own mesh hats then you have come to the right place. You Design It is proud to offer high quality, affordable mesh hats.

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