What is ink matching?

Ink matching is a phrase used in the printing industry to refer to the process by which the color in a design is matched to the appropriate ink color. This is very important for the consistency and correctness of the design. Typically this process is achieved by referring to the Pantone Color Chart which is the industry standard for ink colors. The Pantone Color Chart assigns a numeric value for every color. When it comes time to printing the screen printers then use the ink color number assigned to that color.

When it goes right, ink matching is responsible for the ability of a company to be able to use the same shade of a color every time in their logo or other printed items. The need for ink matching may also come up if a customer is trying to match the ink color of a shirt or other printed item that they have previously had done or have recently acquired. Ink matching can be very serious when it goes wrong and no one is immune to it. In past years even large companies have had to pull major ad campaigns due to receiving incorrectly printed colors due to poor ink matching.

Typically prospective buyers are able to find a printing company which will offer ink matching services for free. However, some companies do charge extra fees for this service so it is important to get that information up front. One good way to avoid such fees is of course to use a company which offers free ink matching services; however, another effective strategy is to select your own PMS (Pantone Matching System) ink color from the Pantone color chart. More importantly this can also prevent potential errors from occurring with ink matching since in effect you are doing it yourself and will know exactly what you are getting.

Here at You Design It it is our policy to always offer ink matching services for free. We are also happy and eager to accept PMS colors from customers who have done the research and selected the exact ink color that they want. Ink matching is very important but it definitely doesn't have to be a hassle.

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