What is digitizing when it comes to embroidery?

When people hear the term "digitizing" in the context of embroidery they are often very confused about what that term actually means. When it comes to embroidery, digitizing refers to a computerized method of turning a design or logo into a digital file format which can then be used by the embroidery machine to replicate the design through the actual embroidery process. The digitizig itself is done through special software which creates plotting commands for the embroidery machine to interpret and use. A special digital embroidery language is used to transfer these commands to the machine, thus giving it those needed instructions.

The embroidery industry is now more advanced than ever, and with newer, faster, and smarter machines not only are more designs able to be reproduced, but the designs themselves will come out looking better and being even more durable than ever before. Digitizing cannot be done without the specialized software. It also requires that the person performing it be properly trained for its use.

Digitizing can also be a very time consuming process and this is one of the many reasons why we are not able to offer same day turn around on embroidery orders. Many people unfamiliar with the design assume that we can instantly take the blank shirt or hat to the machine, turn it on, and crank out the design. Unfortunately this is not the reality and digitizing is a very important step which is impossible to skip. The good news though is that while digitizing is an essential part of the process, and often one of the most time consuming, it is still possible to offer rush options on embroidery orders. So please let us know what date you need your order by and we will be happy to let you know the rush options.

Digitizing is also part of the expense involved in embroidery since it can be labor and time intensive. Generally the more complicated or detailed the design will be the more expensive and time consuming it is to have it digitized. Digitizing in the context of embroidery should not be confused with digital t-shirt printing which refers to a printing method for t-shirts. These are completely different processes which are typically used on different types of items and for completely different customization techniques.

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