What is chino cloth?

Chino cloth was first developed in China during the mid 19th century as a part of uniforms for both British and French soldiers. It really took off in the United States during the Spanish-American War when it was once again used as a part of uniforms for the soldiers. Veterans of the Spanish-American war would return wearing their chino military pants and civilians took notice as well. Soon everyone wanted a pair for themselves.

The term "Chino" is actually Spanish for the word Chinese. This is because the cloth was made popular during the Spanish-American War and originated from China; thus the name is quite appropriate. Chino cloth itself was, historically, made of 100% cotton; however, today it is not uncommon to find it in a variety of cotton-synthetic blends as well.

Chino is actually a type of twill fabric, which means that it is constructed of diagonal, parallel ribs. This structure gives chino cloth it's heavy duty strength while also allowing it to drape well. It is because of this strength and yet natural drape that it originally became so popular as a staple in military clothes.

It is no wonder that civilians also appreciate this durable, good-looking cloth and that so many are eager to own a pair of chino pants. In fact these pants became so popular that the term "chinos" itself is often synonymous with that type of pants. Most often these pants are found in a khaki color; however, other colors are certainly available as well. Not only that, but since chino cloth is such a strong, versatile material it is now used for a variety of other clothing options such as hats, bags, and shirts to name just a few. Needless to say if you are looking at products that are constructed of Chino cloth then you are looking at high quality, long lasting products that you can enjoy for years.

Here at You Design It you will often see the term ‘chino’ in reference to one of our hats. Several of our hats are constructed of chino cloth and we are proud to offer these high quality, terrific looking items. Embroidery is the preferred method of customization for these chino hats.

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