What is business wear?

Business wear is also known as informal attire, and it is a dress code that is classified by a suit and necktie or a collared button down for men. Business wear is seen on the scale of formality as being more formal than casual wear but less formal than semi-formal attire. Polo’s and button down shirts are consistently worn in the workplace because of the air of professionalism which they lend to their surroundings while still being a comfortable and sensible enough choice for a full day of work in a variety of circumstances and situations.

Here at You Design It we offer a range of business wear options from short sleeve polos, long sleeve polos, short sleeve button down, long sleeve button down, and much more. Typically you can also chose between having a pocket or not having a pocket. Often companies will order several of these different styles in multiple colors for their employees. This is great because it gives the employees a few different options all of which are work appropriate!

The great thing about business wear is that it can be fully customized with your company's logo which can instantly turn it from a nice looking shirt to a nice looking, company uniform shirt. Embroidery is typically the customization method of choice here because it is the most professional and formal choice. In general the business wear clothing also just looks better with an embroidered logo or text than it would with a different method of customizing. Many of the business wear options are also available specifically for women if you want to avoid ordering only unisex clothing.

Personalized embroidered custom business wear is a great choice for any company who wants their staff to have a terrific set of uniforms. It's an easy way for customers to instantly recognize who works for the company as well as being a great way to ensure an adequate dress code within the company. Customized business wear even adds to the general feeling of being part of a team.

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