What is an unstructured cap?

Many times customers will ask us what the description online means when it says that the hat they are looking at is an "unstructured" cap. An unstructured cap is a cap that does not have a hard internal structure. The other type of cap is a constructed cap. On a constructed cap the front of the hat right above the bill, which is often the front two panels, will have a hard, firm feel to them which causes that hat to hold is shape and structure even while not being worn. By contrast an unstructured hat does not have this firm structure and so it will not hold its shape when it is not being worn. If you look at an unstructured cap when it is laying flat on a table or other surface you will notice that it sort of flops over and lays almost flat.

Often times customers will want to know which is better a constructed cap or an unstructured cap; however, one really isn't any "better" than the other per se. It mostly just comes down to personal preference. Some people will find that a constructed hat is preferable because they like the way it looks, are used to having hats of this type, or generally find that it looks more professional and uniform. However, just as many other people may find that an unstructured hat has more style or is softer and more comfortable to wear. Both are durable, popular hats and each one has its own different groups of fans. Although of course many people will want some of each type of hat.

When it comes to cost and quality whether or not the hat is unstructured or not isn't really a factor. It will still depend on the specific hat that you choose and of course the lifespan of the hat will still come down to how it worn and taken care of.

In either case most people choose to customize their hats with the embroidery method rather than a different type of customization process. This is because since embroidery involves actual stitching it is more appropriate for hats and gives them a more professional look and feel. Doing embroidery on an unstructured hat is a very popular choice for people who want to order hats for their sports team or business. Unstructured hats are also very popular with people who want to order a keepsake for their family event or vacation. Whether you choose an unstructured cap or a constructed cap we're always on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the hat or the embroidery process.

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